Round 2 of Get Gary! (Jean’s after me again)

I guess I must have again touched a raw nerve at Place de la Concorde. After trying to get me fired with an FIA-funded trip to my former employer, I have just received the following letter from the “lawyer for the FIA”:

Letter to Gary Hartstein 24 08 2015

For information, I have responded:

Email response to FIA lawyer

Over the past year or so, lots of very influential journalists have been highly critical of the FIA’s current administration, without eliciting anything near these kinds of attempts at intimidation. I suppose it’s clear that not only does this speak to the kind of people we’re dealing with, but more importantly indicates just how nervous I make them. And I needn’t point out the proximate cause of their worry, as it’s mentioned specifically in Mr. Martel’s letter.

I was, and am, sickened by the tragedy that has befallen Jules Bianchi and his family. My only motivation is, and has been, to highlight how far we’ve strayed from the path so brilliantly plotted by Sid Watkins, Max Mosley, and all the others who worked so hard to make, and keep, this sport safe.

Once again, I can only wonder who authorised the use of FIA funds for such an adventure, and whether or not the various internal structures tasked with determining FIA policy were consulted about this.

Let’s be clear:

  • this will play out VERY publicly
  • if necessary, I will crowdsource my defence, relying on the thousands of fans of our sport to help me defend myself against those whose major objective would appear to be not the safety and wellbeing of the participants in motorsport, but rather their own safety and wellbeing.

Thanks for your time and attention. As they say in French . . . à suivre.