Let’s make this short and sweet

Ahem. Aheeeemmmm. Throat clearing noises. Rusty voice.

Hello all.

In the midst of this hopefully flash-in-the-pan little incident I just wanted to make a few points. So here goes:

1) behind thisĀ all is Fernando. Certainly at least the equal of the best driver of his generation, a fantastically nice guy, courageous and generous – a real star. Just get better fast Fernando!

2) let’s also remember that we have no right to any medical information. It’s just not our business. But Fernando is a public figure, and so his fans DO have a right to be treated with some degree of respect.

3) The confusion, improvisation, inconsistency, and outright silliness of the various press contacts most certainly do not represent malign intent. Between privacy concerns, insurance issues, sponsor considerations, getting comms right in these circumstances is not easy. As, ummm, we’ve just seen.