RIP Luis

It is always a tragedy to lose young, active healthy people to trauma – and the pain is of course shared even more widely when the victim is a sportsman in the public eye. I would therefore like to extend my deepest condolences to the family and friends, teammates and fans, of Luis Salom.

I have read the statement that was released detailing the medical management of this tragedy. I know Dr. Angel Charte, and have worked with him. His statement reads like a textbook of management of severe traumatic injury.

As to the use of ground transport as opposed to helicopter transfer to the receiving hospital, I think one crucial point must be kept in mind. Luis was in cardiac arrest on arrival of rescue services, and remained so during the intervention.

Angel no doubt had the helicopter moved to the scene to facilitate the most rapid transport possible IN THE EVENT THAT THE CARDIAC ARREST WAS RAPIDLY REVERSIBLE¬†(airway obstruction, severe hypovolemia, etc). When Dr. Charte realised¬†that the quality of CPR on the way to the hospital was going to be the determinant factor in Luis’ eventual survival, he astutely elected for an ambulance, where the availability of more space makes high quality CPR (a team effort) possible. This was an exceptionally mature decision by an experienced and unflappable clinician. Unfortunately, it was not to be…

It is reassuring to see that from a medical point of view, these guys are in very good hands.

Good bye Luis.