Congratulations (again) Lewis

Well Lewis, you’re a triple world champion. Congratulations. An incredible achievement, making you one of history’s great sportsmen. But you won this one months ago. I think you understand what I mean.

Seen from the outside, you’ve evolved, staying on the path we glimpsed at last season. And for me, this has been the most wonderful part of your championship.

The way you feel blessed to be able to do what you do, the marvel and fun you take to your personal life, and the way you’ve worked to find who and how and why you are . . . you, are incredibly inspiring. More than that, you’ve become a model for millions of people of what true success really means.

Your message is incredibly important – humility and joy, hard work and real relaxation, the importance of finding oneself. If you stay true to this, Lewis, I have no doubt that your influence and power will go way beyond your collection of F1 Championships. It has been a privilege watching your career, and I am honored to have known you.

Once again, congratulations Champ!



8 thoughts on “Congratulations (again) Lewis

  1. Gary, that was a wonderful written expression of admiration and respect for what Lewis has achieved – and what he continues to achieve.

    (OT: please try to write up a short observation/comments post after Saturday and Sun for the blog. I would read it instantly if you have time to share your perspective quickly. Ciaoo!

    • Hi Joe – thanks for the kind words. I actually don’t get F1 here on my cable package, so I try to stream the races. Only partially successful at that. If I manage to see this one I’ll yap a bit after!

  2. Lewis Hamilton: Triple F1 World Champion, congratulations.

    Just read the following article;

    Lewis Hamilton’s road from Stevenage to F1 superstar
    Growing up in the Hertfordshire town gave him drive to succeed and the locals remain fiercely proud

    C&P a couple of paragraphs from the above article, that I wanted to share with you all, that caught my eye, about the humanity of Lewis Hamilton;

    “O’Malley recalled that the youngster’s (Lewis Hamilton’s) final season at the track ended in triumph. “He was always so grounded, so humble. I remember we had the end-of-season presentation evening at the Swallow Hotel. Lewis had to borrow a jacket off his mate Chris Rogers.”

    “And when it came to the main award and it was announced that the winner of the President’s Trophy was Lewis Hamilton, he went over to where his brother was sat, who as you know has cerebral palsy, got hold of his hand and led him up to receive the award with him. That was an amazing thing to do. He was only 13.”

    • He is becoming a wonderful man. His spirituality reminds me of Ayrton in the way it both gives him the serenity to progress and as an expression of hiw he sees his place. Need to congratulate Anthony too!

  3. Congratulations to Lewis but a dull season and we need a few close races next year to make it worth watching. It would be more exciting for me if someone else won next year.
    I know Lewis wrote this week ‘Since I was a little boy, I have wanted to win three Formula 1 world titles – because that’s the number that Ayrton Senna won and it was one that meant a lot to me.
    So what now? Well, that’s simple. Keep going. I just want to go racing. There are no particular goals, except to keep winning.’
    Why do champions always want to keep winning? He’s got the 3 and spectators like close competition and variety rather than dull robotic races.

  4. Yes – congratulations Lewis. Great to win 3 times but don’t keep winning all the time or the races will become even more boring. Remember that the Brits got bored with Schumacher winning all the time. My nephew used to shout ‘come on everyone except Schumacher’ after his comeback! Let’s hope you can achieve something positive by being named 2015 FIA Action for Road Safety Ambassador.

  5. Thank you, Gary! i’m happy to read this because I think there is too much critics about Lewis Hamilton.
    He is an exceptional F1 driver, obviously. But he tries to be true, and never forget where he comes from.

    • A lot of the critics speak out about his personal life because they struggle to find fault with his on track performance. A sad facet of society today is the apparent need to pull down those who achieve success in any way possible, forgetting that these “superstars” are still human with human flaws.

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