What’s next

It’s been a fairly crazy weekend. Not the sort of craziness I was expecting, as you can well imagine.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to go quiet for a bit.

I’m going to be busy this week working through options and what my next steps could/should be. You will be informed of everything, have no fear. In due time. And I’ll let people smarter than I decide when and how that will be.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you that the upwelling of support and good wishes is extraordinarily gratifying. 

To all of you, whether or not we’ve crossed inky swords, have a safe and healthy, happy and loving holiday season.

94 thoughts on “What’s next

  1. The visit that Gary’s employer received was surely related to nothing other than Gary’s criticism of the Bianchi crash report. The visitor’s reference to Gary’s posts about Michael Schumacher are just (rather pathetic) ammunition. Keep writing Gary! Your blog over the last year has been the sanest thing I’ve read.

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