That was SERIOUSLY cold: the inevitable ice bucket challenge

Got challenged. Had to do it. Lot’s of fun.


16 thoughts on “That was SERIOUSLY cold: the inevitable ice bucket challenge

  1. Aside: It looks like a mistake – parking a recovery unit at an aquaplaning point. Sutil aquaplanes off, they put in a recovery crane and the next lap Bianchi goes off, but into the crane. Obviously fingers crossed for a good outcome, but surely a mistake by the officials …

    • Hold on a sec . . . Why do I actually think you KNOW that the IBC IS in support of a charity? I am, on the other hand, unaware of any “guide to IBC participants” elucidating the obligation to mention for which charity it is being performed. What’s worse (I’ll approve another smarmy comment from you about this, never fear), I sold the overalls I wore in the video for a charity that’s not the one the IBC was done for!

      By the way, the original charity is basically anything related to A.L.S. That’s amyotr… Ahhh look it up. You’ll learn something.

      • Agreed, there is absolutely no obligation to mention the charity.

        Personally, I think the _spirit_ of the Ice Bucket Challenge is to use the video to mention the charity, encourage donations, and spread the word by “challenging” others to continue the chain. That is how the viral element of the campaign works.

    • Hi and thanks for the link. Ari had said this a few weeks ago, and was widely interpreted at the time as channeling Todt. Given the official silence, there’s no proof of that yet.

      I think that these guys will be tempted to get away with it, given that the media has been curiously silent over the past two weeks or so. I can also easily understand that Bernie would prefer that Todt cancel it (for insurance reasons), while el jefe grande would prefer that Bernie axe the race (for what nefarious reasons I can only guess at).

      I don’t care. I will neither watch nor look at any media concerning the race, the incidents, and the results.

  2. Well, you certainly don’t need the most finely-tuned lip reading skills to make out what you said as the cold hit you. Well done! 🙂

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