Some REAL expert reading!

Here’s a reference to an excellent and VERY recent (May 29th issue) review of the what, how, and why of traumatic intracranial hypertension. Online it’s subscribers only, but if this is a subject that interests you, it’s worth trying to get a copy of the article.

Traumatic Intracranial Hypertension

Stocchetti N, Maas A

New England Journal of Medicine, 2014: 370(22); 2121-2130

Oh and if management of near-lethal trauma interests you (I’ll get into some of this in future posts), then check this article in today’s New York Times out:


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  1. Thank you Gary for keeping us informed again of the Medical Term of the “Announcement” as I was so sceptical, I could not believe anything in the main stream media until reading your blog.

    I would just like to add your Blog has a great many benefits in more ways than just reading about Motor Racing Safety. Reading your blog has lately dramatically improved my procedures, in dealing with Serious Health Problems as I had little / no training (but we all shall need this skill at some point in our lives)
    I’ve now programmed myself (without the practice) to where it’s vital that one becomes properly knowledgeable, as quickly as possible, so as to properly converse with a Specialist, also to keep unemotional only then can we make rational judgements, concerning the patient / illness / treatment plan / recovery etc. – Your blog has helped me in the last month and it will help for the future.
    So Thanks Doc.

    • Thanks so much Rick for your kind words.

      I’m also going to blog about what to do when one has had a road accident, or when one is witness to a medical emergency. This is covered in tons of places, but it’s always useful to have a plan in mind. First I need to finish the trackside intervention series though.

      Thanks again Rick.

  2. Oh my god Gary, Sabine just stated that Michael is AWAKE! Please, I beg you, could you write something about this great news. Does it mean that Sabine has indeed kept the information from us, that Michael breathes by himself?

    I´m so happy!

  3. Oi Gary, I wished you well and thanked you when you said you were going to stop writing about Michael, but actually on second thoughts, we still need you and your expertise. Although news is slower now, its apparent we still need translations of whats going on, the media is so moronic and so cruel in its quest for story and sales over reality, I think we still need our voice of reason and knowledge, thats where you come in mate!

  4. Hi Everyone ……. Sorry about the slight delay in a reply but honestly when I clicked onto the blog yesterday & read ALL the wonderful sentiment on my behalf, I was VERKLEMPT.

    Pinky: You made me HOWL with laughter. Doc has definitely got competition in you.

    Jason: My knight in shining armour 😉 so wise & intuitive. With your superior gift of writing, together, we could just make that book a reality.

    Jan: Dearest new friend & confidante, I trust you with my heart & soul; and personal memories 🙂

    Sue: My kindred spirit, laud the great man that will forever bind us in deep friendship.

    Gina: So astute & protective, you’ve had my back & been supportive all along.

    K.C.- You have stood by me from the very beginning, defending the right to speak my mind amidst a cruel barrage of insults.

    Teri D. – Your appreciation & anticipation in my intended narrative’s spur me forward.

    To everyone mentioned above, as well, all of you out there that silently yet genuinely appreciate my past comments & look forward to my future contribution to this wonderful blog, I gratefully look forward to sharing some of my most cherished memories & anecdotes ……. And a very special thank you to Doc Gary who’s allowed me this platform on which to do so.
    Namaste xoxoxo

  5. And whilst I’m here, I read the article about the Pittsburgh Medical Centre’s hypothermia procedures. It’s all a little above over my head and cannot deny the ethics of the procedure worry me slightly, noting some people in the Pittsburgh area have taken the conscious decision to decline such intervention in the event of them being a candidate for it for fears (I assume, maybe wrongly) of “waking up” in a PVS.
    I came to this site originally for the comments on Michael Schumacher, stayed for the Medical Car articles and ‘took in’ the comments on head injuries and find all 3 fascinating topics, but it is the head injuries thing that seems to have made the most direct impact on me.
    Since coming here I find myself acutely aware of the need to tread more carefully in certain situations (on rocky beaches, mountainsides, wobbly pavements etc) when before I gave no heed to such matters.
    When I was (much) younger I used to hurtle down mountains on my skis oblivious to the risk .. I remember once taking a huge tumble turning over and over on my inelegant, by now ski and pole-less descent down the mountain and hearing some saying something like ‘bl**dy hell” as I bounced past!
    I now see skiers with helmets and other protective gear and feel the risk factor has been so well highlighted over the years that safety has quite rightly, taken a great leap forward. My generation still feel it a bit ‘namby pamby’ as we Brits call it, to wear protective gear but we are being dragged into confronting the reality of what can happen and I think Michael’s accident has at least had the effect of teaching people a sobering lesson.
    I just hope that the terrible accident that has befallen poor Michael can somehow persuade the ski industry to take their responsibilities with regard to safety seriously and that the medical profession can find the funding and the talent to continue their amazing work into understanding and developing new procedures for dealing with head injuries, as indeed they are doing in Pittsburgh.

    • Peter, I have seen the same thing in equestrianism, the amount of times I rode without a hat as a youngster makes me shudder now. Nowadays cross country eventers go out with far better head protection, than I had (when I could be bothered to wear it). They also now have the equivalent of air bags – it’s a jacket that is attached to the saddle, and will inflate if you fall off. I wish they’d been around when I was riding, they would have prevented a few bruises! At the same time, I do prefer a top hat on a dressage rider, it looks far more elegant than a crash cap.

      Sorry this is completely off topic 🙂

      • Not off topic at all I would have thought … and certainly not as off topic as some of the other egotistical nonsense that is palmed off as constructive comment on here!
        Your own comments have opened up a new avenue of interest I would have thought and thus might be of interest to our Gary, as it seems, at least to me, that equestrianism, skiing and motor racing accidents are closely similar when it comes to the safety aspects of all 3 sports. Also riding helmets have surely been around a lot longer than skiing helmets. Is there a cross-over in the design and technology of both? I doubt it.
        It seems to me that horse riding is almost a brain injury waiting to happen. I Googled the topic and there is a lot written. Here is one interesting article picked almost at random.

  6. One slightly fears posting on here in case one is zapped by the lunatic fringe that seem unfortunately to prowl these pages, but, whilst not normally my sort of thing, I found this video of Michael and his wife nicely made and rather touching.

    • Wow, Peter! That was absolutely beautiful. And Michael Bolton singing “A Love So Beautiful” was just perfect.
      My God, she has to be devastated. Judging from that video theirs was a wonderful love story. Her pain has to be unbearable. Let’s all hope and pray that somewhere down the road she gets her miracle.

      • Well said Mimi, my heart goes out to Corrina and the family. Theirs did seem to be the perfect marriage, she must miss him so.

  7. Well, as a MS admirer and also a ski lover I discovered this blog after Dec 29’th. I find it highly interesting and I thank you Dr Hartstein for it. I am not a MD I am a Dipl. Eng. if this counts.
    I see a lot of real expertise here but also a lack of humanity! Regardless you are a Villeneuve/Hill/Hakkinen/Alonso fan or not, there’s a human (an exceptional one I’d add) suffering. Some seem to be (too) happy about that.

  8. Moments ago I read that MS has been removed from ICU and that a “special rehabilitation clinic” is being prepared for him….it didn’t say where.

  9. Hi Doc Gary & Everyone ….. I’d like to post this reply to Peterkirchem, here on this thread, as he has accused me of being a delusional liar regarding Michael Schumacher, yesterday in “A Brief Announcement”, where many of you would probably have missed it, no doubt in fear of repercussion of those who would defend me. So I felt it was important enough to afford any of you, who might be interested, the opportunity to read my reply to this accusation. BTW, reading this is certainly not mandatory. Please feel free to skip to the next post if you wish. Thanking you for your time.
    Peter, I want my FINAL post to you to be crystal clear. I’m truly sorry that my lengthy apology personally written to you, was totally ignored, therefore ending our (for lack of a better word) “friendship”. ……… SO if MY comments “TROUBLE YOU GREATLY” to such an extreme extent, I strongly suggest you STOP READING THEM….. If however you find you just can’t tear your eyes away from them, please seek out a friend, one with a preferably higher then elementary level education (that’s IF you know anyone with this semblance of intelligence AND a good command of written English) to help you decipher my words.
    IF you just can’t fathom that someone on this blog (or anyone else in general for that matter) might have met Michael Schumacher BEFORE he became famous, your issues of distrust, I fear, run much deeper than just merely ignorance …… for some reason the noun SIMPLETON comes to mind.
    Oh and Peter, if you or anyone else don’t believe me. I really only have one response. And here it is:
    Do you understand????? ……. Now, the next sentence or two are VERY important. Ready? Here we go:
    I did NOT come to Dr. Hartsteins blog to brag or boast about any celebrity, famous author, sports person, millionaire, billionaire, rock star etc., whom I might have met or seen from a distance or spoke to or had a laugh with once or twice or whom I might have become friends with and for that matter (OMG) had sex with, during the course of my career ……… I’m here because Michael Schumacher meant a great deal to me and I am devastated with what has happened to him. What I meant to Michael Schumacher is nobody’s business. I merely thought that referring to myself as a fan was somehow being humble & discrete. My intention was only to share with other M.S. fans that might enjoy a fun(ny) story or antidote about this great man. I might have also shared a story or two about other so called famous or infamous people I’ve had the pleasure to have an interaction with over the years. As of this moment Peter, your opinion & shear existence mean absolutely nothing to me, so in the future I will neither be reading your posts nor addressing them.
    Ms Belize

    I’d like to believe I know who my friends are & it’s for their interest & amusement I will (probably)post these stories. I have precious little time for naysayers or rude disbelievers.
    Finally, I find it very sad that those who have faith in Michael’s recovery & those who are grieving for him are constantly at each other’s throats. With Dr. Gary Hartstein stuck in the middle, being constantly maligned for what other desperate journalists twist & turn his words into, when he has done nothing other than make an attempt to explain statistical information in regards to various types of head injuries into laymen’s terms for those of us desperate M.S. fans who have been dealing with a total blackout of information about a truly outstanding human being that millions of people around the world love & adore. WHY OH WHY is it SO difficult to see we are ALL just two sides of the same coin???
    To all those of you that stand with me, I thank you sincerely with all my heart.
    To those of you that believe I’m an asshole liar, FINE, it’s your prerogative.
    As Always:
    Prepare For the Worst, Hope for the Best

    • Belize, if you are so close to MS surely you know someone in his inner circle, not his wife, of course, who can give you up to date info on his condition. Frankly, I don’t give a damn if you had dinner with him, slept with him or whatever else you did with him. I don’t think it;s appropriate for you to come here sounding like a love sick 16 year old drooling over a man who is now comatose and probably will be for the rest of his life.
      I’m here because I was captivated by the hoopla made over his accident. It’s just a curiosity that brings me here. I don’t swoon over MS…sorry, but he’s not my type.

      • It seems a lot of time on your hands to be miserable and judgemental is what really brings you here, you are likely not welcome anywhere can’t even respect a man who is in a coma without making negative, insulting remarks about him and anyone who actually cares about his well being or is a fan of his. Frankly I don’t think it is appropriate for you to come here sounding like a bitter hag who just got evicted from a trailer park. I assure you that the likes of Michael Schumacher would not find you his type either..class, and intelligence would surely be appealing and unfortunately you lack all that and more..maybe your ‘curiosity’ would be better spent elsewhere, perhaps on a ‘Meet an Prison Inmate’ website..I would think that kind of man would be more your type..curious however how you would appeal to any man on planet earth with your limited intellect and rattlesnake personality. Go figure.

      • Pinky Winky, I think I just rattled your cage. LOL! Wow, that is some nasty stuff you are spewing. Did someone pee in your cereal this morning?????????

    • Hi Be – Liza,

      Anyone who takes the time and effort to give to a community their own observations, expertise, and experiences for the benefit of that community (or at least some within that community), will always encounter and have to deal with the so-called “critic”. Some of these critics for some reason like to question the character of their chosen target while publicly doubting the veracity of what has been written in a manner that could be deemed as rude. In addition there are some that like to distort and misrepresent what has been written. These are the “prices” one has to pay in engaging in society. I am thankful to Dr Hartstein and you and the others who are able to keep giving in the face of such “critics”.

      Personally I will address such critics if I feel they need addressing, but after a while I leave them to their own thoughts. If others are affected by idle words of the ill-informed then that is an issue of education, and there is little that can be done, apart from making the suggestion that they sue their former teachers. It is not just “true friends” that are able to ignore such idle words but also the “educated”. One thing you shouldn’t do (in my opinion) is feel the need to give more personal information than you would otherwise give, in response to such critics, as that would be unfair on you.

      Back to the conversation we were having on that other thread. I am still convinced you should write that book (even if you “can’t” publish it – you can keep it as a family heirloom and maybe publish the parts that can be published). Maybe later on you can publish it – even the British & US Governments release state secrets after a certain period of time.

      What makes for a good piece of writing is not whether someone is a “professional writer” , but whether they have something interesting to say AND the motivation AND drive to write it, Often “professional writers” lack the freshness and vigour that the “amateur” writer often brings to a piece of writing. It can also be good therapy. Take care 🙂

      • Hi Jason, I agree with what you say in your answer to Be-Liza. I think people should be able to talk without others making evil and judgemental comments.

    • Clap clap clap Belize, very well said and I am so pleased you have stood up to these ones that like to try to bring a person down, they must lead very shallow lives. I enjoy your stories on Michael, so please keep them coming

    • Hi Belize, I answered Jason. I feel I should have answered directly to you. When one writes, and others make nasty, judgemental comments – such things should not be allowed!

      Gina has nothing to do with Michael Schumacher’s daughter’s name, if somebody is wondering!

    • I have no intention of responding to your really quite extraordinary diatribe, other than just for the record to point out that nowhere in my comments have I referred to you as a ‘delusional liar” … Indeed I have never used those 2 words together in my life.

      • Peter, they are so over come with grief they know not what they say. Their behavior borders on being funny.

  10. Hi Doc…….. I have a few questions.
    How different is having a stroke from having an aneurysm? Are there varying degrees of aneurysms? What causes them?
    Also, if someone is in a LIS, wouldn’t his/her doctors be able to see activity in the brain via CAT scan or some other sort of brain scan?
    Lastly, How is it possible that many who have suffered a serious head trauma can still communicate with their eyes/eyelids (blinking)? Wouldn’t the optic nerve be damaged as well?

  11. An update on Duval for those who haven’t read Autoweek yet today:

    Duval, who shares his R18 with Tom Kristensen and Lucas di Grassi, had set a best lap of 3:24.729, which was just over a second behind Anthony Davidson’s Toyota TS040 HYBRID at the top of the times.
    The session resumed at 5:55 pm local time, approximately 50 minutes after the accident.
    Duval escaped the crash with cuts to his shoulder and leg, but will not be allowed to take part in the race. Audi has called up reserve driver Marc Gene to share the No. 1 R18 e-tron quattro with Tom Kristensen and Lucas di Grassi.
    Briton Oliver Turvey will take Gene’s place in the Jota Zytek LMP2 for the race.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AutoweekUSA on Twitter | AutoweekUSA on Facebook

  12. In reply to Gary Kellett’s question about bystander care for suspected stroke.

    Excellent question Gary. The most important thing to do when you suspect someone near and dear of having a stroke is to call 911 ASAP. Much as is done now with heart attacks, when the stroke is caused by thrombosis (clotting) of a brain vessel, outcome is improved if the closed vessel is reopened with drugs that dissolve the clot. This is only possible within a very few hours of onset of symptoms, only at specialised Stroke Centers, and even then a number of conditions can rule out this technique for a given patient. Still in all, rapid entry into the Emergency Medical System is the best way of ensuring an optimal outcome. As for hemorrhagic strokes, once again, the fastest entry possible into the EMS is the way to go.

    With the possible exception of rapid correction of the coagulation parameters of a patient taking anticoagulants, or of administration of tranexamic acid, there’s not much we can do to actually reduce intracranial bleeding without actually opening, draining, and getting what we call homeostasis (stopping the bleeding). The indications for doing so are relatively specific though.

    The clearest beneficial effect of hypothermia is on patients who remain comatose after being resuscitated from a ventricular fibrillation-induced cardiac arrest. Its benefit in non-VF arrests, as well as in persistent refractory intracranial hypertension, is less clear cut.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Hi Gary

    Thanks for the link – I clicked on this and got a free preview page. Interesting to hear that the changing face of traumatic brain injury in richer countries is now older people having falls. They are often taking warfarin etc which increases risk of haemorrhage and expansion of contusions. So seems like transport is now safer in the west thanks to all the safety research (not in poorer countries) and improvements in rescue services.

    Maybe Grand Prix racing is now safer than most everyday activities thanks to people like Sid Watkins and yourself. I have a lovely DVD ‘Hammond meets Moss’ featuring interview with Sid talking to Richard Hammond after his TBI. Stirling Moss still maintains that danger made the racing more exciting! Don’t think you will ever stop extreme risk takers getting an adrenalin thrill from risking death and searching for these opportunities in an increasingly safe world.

  14. Mimi
    Who do you think you are to tell us to settle down? I don’t even know why you are here as you have already told us that you are not a fan of Michael’s.
    Most of us here are not that stupid to know that he will never be the same man again and we are not that stupid to know that he may never recover (but you seem to think we are)
    And yes Michael is a GREAT man, he has achieved so much in his life that you nor I nor hundreds of other people could achieve.
    You said in another comment earlier on in this blog “it’s over Pal” well lady it is not over until the fat lady sings. I could say a hell of a lot more to you, but in all honestly you are just not worth it anymore.
    Pinkybuster has said it all so well to you.

      • What a sad immature teenager you are Mimi, it really is time you grew up dear, most of us here know you are only here for attention seeking with your snide remarks, no respect what so ever and a born trouble maker to boot. No doubt you will reply to this with another snide remark, but sorry to say this is last time I will be commenting back to you as I won’t feed the troll anymore.
        Have a nice day toots.

  15. Mimi

    I really could care less how you feel about Michael, as you have stated previously you are not much of a fan of his, you must find it time well spent to criticize other people’s perceptions of him and you seem to take some kind of twisted satisfaction in writing Michael off and predicting the worst for him. You have no business making condescending comments to those who do think Michael is a great man. I do not judge people on their profession as to whether they are a good person or not, as you appear to.. Who do you think you are telling anyone to face facts? You don’t have any control over how people think or feel..people will come to their own way of dealing with what lies ahead in their own time, if they choose must be quite an insecurity to be unable to accept other people’s opinions and belittle them..says much more about you than them. I think most people are realistic about expecting miracles..I’ve witnessed a miracle a time or two..maybe a miracle has never come your way because you have blocked it with the negative, abrasive energy that oozes from you?

  16. To doctor Gary Hartstein, Michael Schumacher is NOT your patient. His family DID NOT ask you to diagnose Michael. You are hurting Michael Schumacher and his family by harassing them constantly. There is no point with you going on and on about your so-called diagnosis of Michael Schumacher. Are you one of the doctors treating him? NO! Have you seen him since the accident? NO! Are you aware of what is on his medical file? NO! Have you talked with Sabine Kehm about his health condition? NO! Have the family contacted you to tell you how Michael is doing? NO! Therefore, it is not your place to diagnose Michael Schumacher since he is not your patient. Michael’s family have every right to their privacy during those difficult time and we must all respect that. They owe nothing to their fans, they owe nothing to you. They have every right to remain quiet and not to inform Michael’s fans about his health condition. You’re a doctor, you should know better.

    • Calm down and take a deep breath. Did Dr Harstein ever claim to be treating Michael? NO. Has he harassed his family? NO. What is hurting the family is the recycling of old media reports using Dr Hartstein’s comments, and twisting his words making up quotes he did not even say. The media has nothing to go on and they are putting him in the middle of it and he certainly did not ask for that nor does he deserve to be the focal point for frustrated people to take their anger out on. Has he ever claimed to be one of the Doctor’s treating him? NO. He has had the courage to speak out and make the complex a lot more understandable to those who knew very little about brain injury trauma, and I for one am very grateful to him for that and he is the only person who has stepped up and shown caring and concern for the fans knowing how difficult it has been to be in the dark about any news on Michael’s condition. He has great respect for Michael and whether you or any of his detractors like it or not, he has given us insight into what may or may not occur in these kind of injuries as to what the outcome may be..many still refuse to even accept the possibility that Michael will not recover and that is much of why I think Dr Hartstein gets flack because those people cannot accept to hear it..don’t take your anger out on the messenger. Certainly the family has the right to their privacy but as this unfolds it is also backfiring on them with a lot of frustration and angst from the fans. There is a way to let people know how he is doing without going into invasive detail and no one expects that any way. Fans have been there to support him from the beginning of his career and through out and they deserve better than silence..lastly, did Dr Harstein diagnose Michael as if he was his patient? NO. Please get your facts straight before blasting the man, it takes away from any valid point you tried to make

    • Why don’t you shut up! You have no idea what doc knows or doesn’t know. And we don’t need doc to tell us anything…the family’s silence has spoken volumes.

    • Hi there. Well you sure have pissed off a bunch of readers!

      I won’t be long. I debated even replying, since your comments seem to suggest that either you’ve not actually READ my posts (in which case you’re not a yapping pain-in-the-ass, but rather an IGNORANT yapping pain-in-the-ass), or not understood them (in which case I may as well argue ethics and privacy with my cat, at least he’s intelligent). But here goes.

      As to the facts: I am indeed NOT Michael’s physician. If I were, everything that happened between him and me would be privileged and protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. This by the way is not just an ETHICAL principle, but a LEGAL one too. And so, I have not attempted to “diagnose” Michael. And have made that abundantly clear to anyone who actually reads what i write, and who has the requisite number of neurons to understand it. What I DO talk about is a range of possibilities with their statistical implications. These therefore would apply equally if i was talking about an anonymous head trauma patient in MY ICU (and in a way, I AM!) or if i’m talking about . . . Michael Schumacher.

      I’d love to understand how I am “harassing” anyone. I write my blog. No one is obligated to read it. And I cannot control in any way what one does with my words (I’m talking here about the tabloid press). I force my thoughts on no one. It is patently absurd to think that I can in any way “hurt” Michael, and almost as absurd to think that my consideration of a range of medical possibilities could “hurt” his family. Michael’s doctors have told them the situation, and what it implies. Nothing anyone writes could possibly hurt them worse than what has happened.

      You follow with five questions, all of which you answer correctly. Tell mom to print your comment, and put it on the fridge – with a BIG GOLD STAR! We’re all SO proud of you. But then you go on again about “diagnosing”. You appear to have a diagnosis obsession. Did you have a bad experience with a paediatrician in your youth?

      I’ve made it clear that in terms of RIGHTS, the Schumachers obviously can release as much or as little information as they want. And while I can only BUT “respect” this decision, after almost six months, the attitude of the Schumacher apparatus towards his fans is obvious . . . and it’s not pretty.

      Lastly, you seem to have a rather bizarre idea of what privacy means. Corinna’s desire to release no information (HER right to privacy) in no way constrains what I, or you, say, do , or write. That’s not how it works here in the west. My constraints are those of truth and non malfeasance. Ooops. Big word. Ask daddy.

      So there we go. Take home lesson: 1) read before you write. 2) ask if you don’t understand. 3) keep reading my blog. This was fun. Now i need a cigarette. Wink wink.

      • Dr. H,

        Well, now that was fun!

        There’s something about the phrase “Your turn to speak” that can bring out the crazy in people. It’s been interesting to observe the manic protectiveness some have shown toward their concept of Michael Schumacher. I suppose any celebrity is going to attract all sorts.
        Your blog demonstrates smarts, experience, coherence, and bravery and I sincerely appreciate it. I’ve told other F1 fans to read what you write and not what others say you write, but many were put off by the silly cross-talk of some of the blog participants. Of course, they could just ignore it as I do, but they preferred to step away. A pity.

        Back to head trauma and motor sport safety.


      • OH DOC. I think I love you 😉 …….. Thank You!!! …….. I SO needed a good belly laugh today. ROFLMAO
        Buddha blesses your adroit forked tongue.

        1) As defined by Mahatma Gandhi: In India when people meet and part they often say, Namaste’ which means: “I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides …
        2) Aristotle theorized that forked tongues provided “a twofold pleasure from savours, their gustatory sensation being as it were doubled.”

        PS. Contest? You’d win hands down EVERY TIME (applauding)

    • Respectful Fan,

      Thank you for taking the time to express your own opinion. Doctor Gary expresses his opinion. You express your opinion, with five NOs and two NOTs… …an interesting opinion non the less.

      My opinion is that Doctor Gary has helped many Michael Schumachers fans come to terms with this sad situation and I pray that Michael returns to good health.

      Mark H.

  17. lulumoretti writes on June 10/2014:
    “I think that when Schumacher dies his death will be met quietly. Somehow I can’t see the Germans filling the streets, tearing their hair, or beating their breasts in sorrow. Essentially he removed himself from the world on December 29th when he chose to ski off-piste, through a rock strewn field. Life goes on.”
    “Reality bites. No doubt about that. I’ve wondered with all the boo-hooing what if Mick had been injured? His father leading him into a perilous rock-strewn zone? And what then?
    Phil Hill used to say about drivers who died on the track: “They killed themselves.” At first I thought: Whoa. Heavy. But he meant they had choices and they chose the bad one. That’s the truth. Look at photos of the ski trail and the off-piste rocky field. Who would choose the latter? And with his 14 year old son? He made a big miscalculation and wasn’t lucky enough to escape the consequences. Sadly, it’s his family who are now suffering . . .though there was a post that Mick is out driving karts. Good for him. Many have said ‘life goes on’ and that is the truest thing one can say.

    Belize’s Rebuttal June 10 2014:
    Hey! Who are you & what have you done with that “sweet” girl Lulu from posts past who was so upset about Michael Schumacher??? …….
    I suppose I should retract my statement about you NOT being a bitter cruel & horribly callous person. It seems I have made an egregious error in supporting you; you’re loss & pain of watching your loved one dying slowly in a coma in the recent past. You have made it obviously very clear; you believe that Michael Schumacher DOES deserve his devastating fate for his error in judgment on Dec. 29 2013. I find it sad that YOU, seemingly overnight, have gone from posting kind words about Michael & his family to sitting high up there on your pedestal looking down in judgment on the Schumacher family who is suffering just as you did. And just as many of us are now. I actually feel embarrassed for your utter cruelty, Lulu. Have the fundamentalist religious fanatics been to your home lately & turned you into one of those insufferable Holier Then Thou Christians?
    I must have been reading your posts through rose tinted glasses, and honestly, I REALLY believed you were here on this blog with most of us, mourning the fate of our poor Michael Schumacher. I had NO IDEA, I was supporting you with my posts; YOU, whom I was actually feeling an affinity with, WAS IN FACT, JUST SO PERFECT & HAS NEVER MADE AN ERROR IN JUDGMENT …….. I am wondering, why the sudden about face? You’ve certainly changed YOUR tune to a very cruel one. I’m also wondering what was it that your loved one did to deserve her fate????? Or does it suddenly just apply to Michael’s mistake? What happened to the Lulu we all liked & felt empathy for? No more empathy for Michael Schumacher????

    IT IS my sincere hope that whatever pronged stick seems to be rotating up your ass at the moment will soon be extracted, as it’s turned you into a nasty bitter B_______. (fill in the blank)
    Sending you heaps of hemorrhoidal healing energy.
    (A.k.a. LIZA)

    • Standing ovation on your post Belize..I have found many of Lulu’s posts to be offensive, pompous and incredibly judgemental and heartless in comments he/she (?) has made regarding Michael..having rarely commented on the blogs as there seemed to be negativity brewing between certain people posting..I have appreciated the comments of those who seem to be posting here out of genuine interest and loving concern for a great man, Michael Schumacher..sadly that has been tainted by the few who seem to be posting here as a way to project their own misery about themselves

      • Wow, you guys have to settle down. MS is a race car driver. A great man? I don’t know about that one. I never realized that so many of you ladies idolize this man like you would a movie star or a rock star. I don’t see it myself but to each his own.
        Anyhow, whatever the reason you have to face facts. Facts that tell you that MS will never be the man you idolized and he may even pass away at a young age. I’ve wished for a lot of miracles and never got one of them. So, good luck to those who are wishing for a miracle.

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