I’m not closing my blog

Hey everybody. I know it’s been a while. Stuff happens, but I’ll be back, notably to finish the intervention series. It was just starting to get interesting . . .

As for the closed comments on the previous post, things apparently got pretty out of hand. Is this the blog equivalent of “You’re Grounded!”? We’ll see what happens in the future. Technically the other posts can still be commented on (although I can’t exclude having screwed that up, in which case I’ll correct it).

Hopefully I’ll get the next post written tomorrow.

See you all soon.

5 thoughts on “I’m not closing my blog

  1. Dear Dr. Hartstein …. If I may, I’d like to make another request. Would you please consider opening a thread for any Michael Schumacher fans who would like to connect to one another (perhaps previous commenters) like Jason, Jan, Sue, KC, Peter, Dan etc.? A support thread of sorts, where we could join in conversation to one another & share our favorite stories on Michael Schumacher. Somewhere we might pose questions to you and exchange emotional support amongst ourselves until such time we hear any news on Michael. I personally still can’t forget him as I vacillate between the seven stages of grief.
    Now that you are moderating before comments are posted, I feel we can safely express our opinions without fear of retribution. There is such emptiness in my heart as I felt I’d connected with at least a few of your followers who just refuse to forget our Michael. Maybe you could start it with a picture of the thoughtful gift Michael gave you the last time you saw him. I’m referring of course to his personal driving gloves. I think everyone would appreciate this show of kindness & gratitude to his good friend.
    I miss everyone. (Almost  ) ……… Anyone reading this who feels the same about starting a “support” blog, please consider responding ASAP. Thanks
    (A.k.a. Liza)
    PS. I apologize for having to use an alias or two. I’m sure you all can understand that I must protect my identity from a possible slander lawsuit from Kehm; luckily I’m not her only nemesis. I also hope everyone forgives me for the part I played in causing the kafuffle in the now deleted comments.

  2. Hello Dr. Hartstein …. I was truly pleased & relieved that you hadn’t, in fact given up on us; not just yet anyway 🙂
    However I am somewhat concerned with the ” We’ll see what happens in the future” statement. I/we are well aware this is YOUR blog & your prerogative to cancel posts as you see fit but I for one am disappointed that you deleted ALL posts from the previous heading instead of just the terribly offending ones. I was hoping to respond to some people who had asked me to elaborate on my views regarding the M.S. situation; it is, of course, your choice to sweep the proverbial elephant in the room under the rug. I am of the opinion this might be a mistake. The intimidation inflicted on many of us will undoubtedly prevent readers of your blog to post their opinions for fear of intellectual intimidation by that one individual. My recollection was an overwhelming majority imploring you to block the offending commenter, whereby making your blog a safe place likeminded people can post their opinions without fear of persecution. As you previously mentioned, some head butting will occur, but for the most part the majority of commenters were able to work out the misunderstandings.
    I for one am not a professional writer yet I feel a reluctance to post a personal comment, as I fear constant demeaning critique of my writing style, grammar & intelligence. For what it’s worth Doc, I hold you in the highest regard concerning the careful thought that has gone into your explanations of what must be the most complicated subject; severe head trauma & subsequent protocol plus possible outcomes. “Thank you” barely touches the surface of my gratitude to you for making it possible for the average layperson, as me; to understand what I believe is one of the most interesting subjects, the brain.
    So, is it safe to go back into the water? as the saying goes.
    (a.k.a. Liza)

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