I should have known . . .

It’s fairly evident that I really REALLY need to clarify what I meant, and what I didn’t mean, by my comments concerning “errors in judgment”. I see that I’m being quoted a lot, in lots of outlets. That’s not a problem of course, but it becomes problematic when what i wrote is turned into something that I most certainly did not say.

1) I am strictly referring to the period of management BEFORE Michael was admitted to Grenoble. As I said on 30 December, the people taking care of Michael in Grenoble can take care of any member of my family any day. They are professional and more than competent. This is an impressive team and they deserve to be recognised as such.

2) I am in no way criticising ANY member of the care team(s) dispatched to fetch Michael on the slope, nor of those involved in transferring him from Moutiers to Grenoble. As I made clear, prehospital medicine is difficult under the best of conditions. It’s not hard to imagine the added stress faced by the guys on the slopes, confronted with a clearly injured mega-star, and what must have been a VERY difficult entourage to manage. I don’t have sufficient facts of any kind, and it’s neither my job, my business, nor my intention to question the individual medical care provided by my colleagues.

What then exactly AM I saying, and almost as importantly, WHY am i saying it here, and why now? These are valid questions, and they deserve an answer.

3) I am very clearly criticising a system that allows head injured patients to be brought to non-neurosurgical centers, in the absence of other clear reasons to do so.

4) The failure to adequately control an agitated patient prior to flight, as well as the delays in adequate control of the airway likely indicate insufficient training, insufficiently robust protocols, and perhaps insufficient experience under difficult circumstances (again, a mega-star patient with a difficult, demanding and perhaps even frankly hostile entourage). I am very clearly criticising a system that allows this to happen.

5) It is impossible to quantify the impact of the above on outcome in Michael’s case. Obviously. It is also obvious that someone whose neurosurgeon, the day after the trauma, describes his condition as “hematomas left, right and centre” is likely not to do particularly well. This should be obvious, at least to the “journalists” who disingenuously (at best!) implied that I said that Michael’s current situation is because of these aspects of his initial care. The delay in admission to a neurosurgeon, as well as deferred airway control, cannot have been good for a severely injured brain. Especially in a situation where the intracranial pressure has risen so high that parts of the brain are literally being squeezed out of the cranial vault. That said, in terms of prognosis, this likely pales in significance compared to the 2000-and-some-odd joules of impact energy against that goddamned rock.

The world of medicine, including the practice of prehospital medicine, has become more and more evidence- and protocol-based. This requires constant attention to new developments, and elaboration of consensuses that are often universal (for example, the algorithms of basic and advanced life support). Intense and rigorous adherence to these protocols, with the training that this implies, has been shown to very favourably impact on the outcome after trauma. I will simply say that the French have been remarkably, and unexplainably, recalcitrant to this notion of protocol-based medicine.

Why have I said this now?

I want to make it clear that the furthest thing from my mind was causing Michael’s family added pain. Malpractice? Hey, I work in Europe, which is far from having gone as nuts as the USA with this. In any event, I don’t give a shit about MAL practice. What I’m concerned with is GOOD practice. I want people who’ve not thought about it previously to now think, before heading down the hill on their skis or boards, “am I going to be well looked after, by people with sufficient knowledge, skills and maturity, if I have an accident”? And I want the answer to be yes. Wherever, whenever.

Those of you who know me a little know that if I’ve contributed anything to motorsport medicine, it’s been mainly down to education and training. The book, the systematic simulation exercises at every Grand Prix, etc. Doctors are nothing if not people who never stop, and never want to stop, learning. I think we need once again to make sure that people who do prehospital medicine, who routinely face life-threatening situations, are sufficiently trained, equipped, and mature, to carry out their duties impeccably.

With that in mind, I need to send a quick and heartfelt shout out to General Zin and the medical team at the Grand Prix of Malaysia. These guys have created a society for motorsport and traffic medicine, with a goal to fostering best practice in the community of caregivers doing this type of medicine. BRAVO!!! These guys are tops, and have been for some time. To illustrate how “on it” they are, they have the only circuit medical centre to be ISO certified. And they’re my friends!

It’s just a pity that the national federations are left alone to carry out initiatives like this (needn’t remind you of my attempts at organising an international society!), without leadership from Paris. Again Mr. Todt, it’s not because you gave your mates fancy titles that they have, by magic, acquired competency in this field. Motorsport medicine is stagnating, and will continue to do so as long as there is a total lack of leadership from the top.

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  1. “I will simply say that the French have been remarkably, and unexplainably, recalcitrant to this notion of protocol-based medicine.”
    This was a factor in Princess’s Di’s death IIRC, the ambulance stopped several times on the way to hospital so they could ‘work’ on her injuries: the “golden hour” was a concept postulated during Korea and completely validated in Vietnam (the father of my best friend had a hand in this). Yet that precept is completely lost on the French then and again in this case it would appear. Trauma centers are so delegated in this country (USA) for a sound medical reason.

  2. Here we have a “Mail Online” article dated: “11:12, 3 April 2014 Updated: 14:08, 3 April 2014”
    by “Allan Hall and Sam Creighton” that quotes the Bild as in:
    ” ‘Family, friends and doctors are optimistic,’ said Bild ”

    and quotes a “friend of the Schumacher’s, who has known the family for 25 years” saying something to The Sun “the friend told The Sun”.

    This DailyMail article talks about “slight improvement”, “optimism” and “encouragement” after “94 days after being placed in an artificial coma” but still refers to “His family is said to be planing to build a custom multi-million pound mini-clinic to care for him, but not in the home he shares with Corinna, as previously reported, but in the house of his father Rolf”.


  3. There is another flurry of MS stories in the British paper along the lines of the Bild article but again no direct quotes from Sabine Kehm although ” ” are used and attributed to Sabine Kehm. So we have an article dated Thursday 03 April 2014 from “The Independent” & by reporter Ella Alexander quoting The Mirror as in:
    ” “The rumours that Corinna remodels her house to bring the supposedly ‘hopeless case Michael’ home, are absolutely groundless,” it was reported in The Mirror. ”

    and The Mirror dated Apr 03, 2014 10:06 and By Byron Young quoting himself :
    “”Michael Schumacher’s family have been given new hope that the Formula 1 legend is getting better, writes Byron Young in Manama.”

    Manama is in Bahrain and is no where near Grenoble

  4. Rather then hearing from a family-paid spokesperson whose job it is to spin stories, I would prefer the doctors actually treating MS to hold a press conference to discuss the current state of their patient, and their thoughts regarding recovery.

    When U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by a mentally ill gunman (who killed six and wounded many), regular, detailed medical briefings were held. Certainly there was additional speculation about the degree of recovery that might occur, but commentators were working off of actual facts provided by Rep Giffords’ doctors. In this way concerned citizens had access to the truth on a regular basis, and were not left in a black hole. Privacy is precious, but the family of a well-known public figure should understand that refusing to comment except through a paid spokesperson, and then only rarely, does nothing to end speculation. They are feeding the beast.

    BTW, Rep. Giffords, too, was in a medically-induced coma, but it was of short duration. She also had part of her skull removed to allow for brain swelling. She, too, had hematomas; a bullet entered her frontal lobe from four feet away and passed through her brain, doing much damage. She was not expected to live–in fact, certain news reports claimed she had died–but she did. Three years later, with intense daily physical and speech therapy, she remains partially paralyzed and severely aphasic, which means that while her brain forms language properly, she is unable to clearly speak what she thinks. I explain this in detail to offer an example that while survival may indeed be miraculous, there are lasting, significant consequences.

    • Interesting post. But there are differences between the two, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and retired F1 driver Michael Schumacher. She was not retired and shot by a mentally ill gun man. Others were shot at the same time. He fell while skiing together with his family. Two different contexts the injuries occurred in. Two different situations for people involved maybe.

      But it would be good for fans if Michael Schumacher’s doctors would inform regularly. But…

  5. We are getting mixed message from the PR peron and the press. None of it, I would say is the whole truth. We should just wait and see and hope for the best.

    And, KC thank you for your message. You are right! But please keep in mind I was attacked first.

    • Jason – I can only say that the translation is accurate (I understand German) and attributes quotes to Sabine Kehm. As Mimi notes, it is a dog’s breakfast trying to make sense of the various media reports but BILD (despite its reputation) seems to have an in with Kehm and the dismissal of the home-hospital story rings true to me.

      • Nick- Anyone who generates sales is “in” with Bild. I keep trying to silence myself when it comes to posting on this blog because I am too cynical, but… do you know how many people are making “a bundle” out of dragging the MS tragedy out? It’s kind of grotesque.

        MS has the good fortune to be truly loved by his family. They are constructing a special environment for him which will give him the opportunity of getting better if he can. I’ll wait for the people there to give me a statement.

        Because I am too much of a nasty, cynical old coot for the conversation here, I will refrain from expressing my opinion of Sabine.

      • Hi Siara
        Your contribution is always a soothing, centering, clearly stated. Discretion is – so often – the better part of valor. You are way far ABOVE the cynical coot level. Please keep writing. I would hate to loose your words of conscience. Thank you.

    • Mimi

      You are welcome and…no worries.
      What matters is that most everyone has significantly contributed to Gary’s blog and most have so much more to offer: opinions, questions, observations, concerns…

      I know that this journey, for me, has been frustrating, triggering anger…sadness… . Feelings are not facts. Everyone’s feelings are precious, important, especially now, in perspective, since Michael may never, MAY never have acess to his feelings again. And the feelings that his wife, daughter, son have…well…where do they go? What do they do?

      This whole event is so tragic, so gut wrenching. Honestly, when I let all the information in, it makes me extremely sad for the entire family; and all families who suffer this way as well as the medical community, the doctors with all their knowledge… the nurses… many times are just plain helpless…their feelings… .

      I wish that there was some way that the “press” could be more humane; especially those writers, editors, who clearly have no regard for the real story. All they want is to keep their job and make as much money as possible. The fact that they even exist is that people buy their *****%#*}{+€€€^***. They are being paid by those who don’t want the truth, only the sick thrill. Someone once said: if you want to make lots of $$$ then look to sex, violence, religion and politics. That is what sells. That’s where the money is.

      It would be so helpful to Michael’s fans for the family to provide the truth and Sabine could share that truth. The family has chosen to be evasive…even silent…. . In a way that choice has given everyone a free pass. Christopher and Dana Reeve made a different choice. Other VIP’s have come forward with openness and accepted the public, their fans, as part of their team. The Shumachers’ have chosen to isolate; they have chosen privacy.
      So be it.


  6. Thank you Nick!
    Thats absolutely correct Siara.
    But on the other hand, if you want to made a personal announcement in the media that everyone nation- and worldwide will get notice, there is no better way to do as in “Bild”.
    And of course thats excactly what the family of Michael wants to. Very professionel!
    Of course they know its a long, long way…! But what will we do in sörüche a situation?
    Give up? No way! We should Look foreward that there are still little signs of hope!

    • Hi Michael, Nick & anyone else, Did the Bild actually quote Sabine Kehm verbatim? Was this a written statement by Sabine Kehm or part of an oral communication. Was that oral communication “on record” or “off the record”. When did Sabine Kehm actually make / release the statement? I am becoming increasing sceptical about anything I read in the media nowadays.

      So it now seems that this 10 million units of money facility is another media fantasy (?) or exaggeration. But who knows – the Bild story itself might itself be a fantasy. ???

      ps thanks for drawing our attention to the article.
      pps I don’t understand the German language well..

  7. BILD Article at:


    Translation (with assistance from Google Translate):

    New hope for Michael Schumacher (45).

    94 days after his skiing accident there is information, according to BILD, of marked improvements.

    Family, doctors and friends are optimistically of the view that the record world champion in Formula 1 will wake up from his induced coma .

    Manager Sabine Kehm told BILD: ” I ​​can only say again: There are signs that encourage us.” She dismissed negative reports that Schumacher lies not in the recovery phase, but in a vegetative state.

    Should Schumacher wake up, which so far has apparently not yet happened, a next step would be to transfer from the hospital in Grenoble/France into a rehab clinic.

    However, his brain injuries are so complicated that they can still lead to unexpected complications or setbacks .

    Meanwhile, it was reported in English media that his wife Corinna (45) would build a mini hospital for her husband on the family estate for twelve million.

    Wrong! Manager Sabine Kehm: “The rumors that Corinna is remodelling her house to bring the supposedly hopeless case Michael home, are absolutely groundless.”

  8. Im Germany a new Statement from Sabine Kehm was coming out today evening. There are a few new positive signs about Michaels recovery she said!
    He still haf very complicate head injuriced and after moving two steps foreward it is still possible to go one step backwards or maybe there can be Otter cpmplications at all.
    The Family, the Friends and also the wohle medical team at the hospital at Grenoble will be still optimisticly that Michael will grow up.
    He ist not in the stadium of “Wachkoma” (sorry my english!) as we in Germany said. At least she said, thats not true, that Corinna have any plans to build a special icu room for her husband.
    But they started to build a House for Michaels father Rolf Schimacher at their ground house in their hometown Gland near to the lac lemand in Switzerland!
    I’ll Hope the best for Michael and gis family! Come back soon Michael, we all miss you!

    • Hi Mimi, thanks but it would be unfair of me to accept credit for your sense of humour, which is probably a combination of genetics, environment and edukation.

    • Jan, why don’t you tell us what it is exactly that Mrs. S and the family want. You seem to know most everything else. Or maybe you can ask Bella ….she seems to know everything too.
      Have a good day, Jannie…..

      • You seem to be the one that thinks you know everything about how and what Corinna and family want going by some of your posts. You belittle people like Ana which just shows what sort of mentality you have. You have a good day to Mimi muppet

      • To Mimi and Jan

        Life constantly requires choices. Doing nothing is a choice, sometimes acceptable and at other times not. If one lacks the wisdom to choose, then there is no failure of virtue, but if the choice is to do nothing when knowing what should be done, then there is a failure of virtue.

        Wisdom without virtue is wasted wisdom. Wasted wisdom without choice is intentional. Lack of wisdom does not require choice and is forgivable . Our challenge is to recognize waste when confronted with inability. Our virtue is to forgive both.

        Both of you really have something to offer to all. Stop the squiggling at each other. Let’s get back on course. I read from M. Rolf’s recent post that Mrs. Schumacher will NOT be building a special add-on for Michael. If he’s right, someone should shut the presses down when the spit out lies/untruths in the format of an allegory.

    • Mimi you have addressed your last comment specifically to me. Yet this comment contributes nothing to the discussion that was being had. Is there a point you wish to make?

      • Jason, my point was were u kidding when you said that perhaps the Schumacher family’s new medical addition to their home could be used to support others in M’s situation and that maybe the children would grow up to be doctors.
        After her husband do you really think this women would want to go through this again with others and subject her children to it? All I can do is laugh.;

      • Jason, You have hit your stride!!! I so appreciate the chuckle. Thanks for the link to that report too. I am aware of this. And I agree with you about “Post Comment.”

      • Jason don’t take any notice of Miss know it all Mimi, she talks as if she knows what Corinna wants, as if she knows the family personally. Mimi is just cold hearted, that all there is to it

  9. Jason, I love your post. So evocative. No doubt his family share your perspective. I’m sure most people would agree with you. I’d dearly love to find some grey and light from this dark. However, there seems to be almost no hope at all. Unfortunately I need no imagination to appreciate what long term immobility and illness does to the human body and how it can respond. Contractures, pressure ulcers, PEG feeds, catheterisation, the ever present risk of infection. The physical indignities are horrendous. It is gruesome. You see a million ways how the family can adept to this situation. I see a million ways how it would traumatise those children for the rest of their lives. Perhaps the family have a faith I don’t.
    However, we all do what we think is best in a given situation. Maybe we don’t know what decisions we would make or what we are capable of until put under pressure.
    I just hope that the family can find some peace at some point.

    • I think the MS family can afford to have a nurse and a orderly to oversee MS care. Maybe this facility that reports indicate they will build, may also be used to support others in MS situation. Maybe the children of MS will grow up to become doctors rather than racing drivers.

      • Jason,

        Interesting. I had similar thoughts. It’s hard for me though, to imagine that Ms. Schumacher is building a facility that would include others…take others in. What did occur to me was that this tragedy, because of who it involves, may turn out much differently than any of us might have, could have, imagined. Surely, there are many that have followed Dr. Gary’s blog; fans, non fans, who are reading, thinking, watching and choosing not participate in the blog.

        Often, when tragedy befalls celebrity, there are other people over time, who may benefit in a profound way. You may recall Christopher Reeve, (Superman), who was paralyzed after falling while riding his horse for a jumping competition. Chris, and his wife Dana, because of who they were, brought amazing attention to the world re: spinal injury, far beyond what a you or a me could have done. The Reeve’s eager and committed participation toward his return to a “normal” life was instrumental to further medical discoveries; research into spinal cord injury that otherwise might have taken years. Research that went far beyond what was then known. Their combined efforts even went so far as to put a new focus on stem cell research to combat and alter the often horrific familiar course of back/neck injury.
        The Reeve’s courage was compelling.

        Now we have Michael Schumacher and his wife, his soul mate, who, between the two of them, may impact Traumatic Brain Injury, over time, far beyond what we might imagine at present time. As a result of their journey a new destination may be revealed.

        Miracles do happen in spite of us all.


  10. Well, so his wife is bringing him home. Part of me thinks good for her. She can afford to do it so why not if that’s what she wants to do. I’d love to know what the rest of the family think.

    Michael, thankfully and presumably, doesn’t know anything. It’s their children I feel sorry for. Losing their father would have been bad enough. But having him like this indefinitely would be infinitely worse in my opinion. And now at home too. How on earth are they supposed to grow up with their father in a coma elsehwere in the house? Their home, once filled with joy presumably, will be like a mausoleum. When they do find something to laugh about again, will they be filled with guilt that their father is nearby and unable to join in? Will they feel obliged to go and see him everyday, a shell of the man they know and love? What a stifling way to grow up.

    Maybe Corinna is thinking about what she sees as her responsibilities as a wife. And I really do admire her for her loyalty. What’s happened to Michael has, understandably, been all consuming. He is, it would appear, effectively lost. But their children are still here. But as time goes on the balance of their memories will be increasingly warped by the last years of his life. Not what I would want for my children.

    • What a heart-breaking perspective you write Sarah. I can sense the mum in your speaking and feeling. I think the families of patients in persistent vegetative states or with severe, personality-changing brain injury, endure fates worse than their having to deal with the death of their loved ones. In these circumstances the person they love/loved is lost to them, yet alive, and the grieving process cannot truly start. How does one move on from there?

      As for the question of how family life continues in other parts of the house, I agree with what you said. Perhaps the small positives that arises are that family members can privately spend quiet moments at his bedside just talking to him, telling him about their day, their worries, their cares. Less time will be wasted traveling to visit him. Perhaps Michael, will hear the familiar voices of his family nearby.

    • Humans are famous for their ability to adapt to new situations. Famous for their ability to turn darkness into grey and grey into light. I can see a million ways how the family can adapt to this situation. Do not underestimate the power of human imagination.

    • Sarah, a wonderful message. I feel the same as you. I would not want to subject my children to that on a daily basis. What if they have friends over? The house will turn into a morgue.
      From what I have read his wife is extremely devoted to him and would consider it a betrayal if she didn’t bring him home and continue to hope for his recovery.
      I don’t know if I could do it…..it would be different if he were conscious and coul;dn’t move, if he were a quad but this…..watching him wither away on a daily basis and not being able to get away from it would be a fate worst than death to some.
      BTW, the addition is a 19 million dollar addition….what I previously read was in pounds.

  11. Doc. Gary- I feel that this blog has made another contribution to the world besides informing the public about neurosurgery and giving us an idea of what is going on with MS. You’ve taken a tiny step towards discouraging information control. What you did here is what F1 should have done.

    I do not feel that this news blackout was appropriate. I could see that for the first week or two– maybe the family wanted to keep the specific manner of his death to themselves. It’s bad enough to have to make that decision (I have) without every tabloid in the world generating a lurid headline about it.

    But I think that part of being a celebrity is allowing the public to live through you and love you. That’s why they get paid what they do. It’s not because talented athletes are worth a thousand times more than the people who grow our food and put out house fires. It’s that they elevate the lives of millions of people by allowing them to become emotionally involved. Shutting the fans out completely was not consistent with what celebrity is.

    I think that if (God forbid) this happened to my husband and we had a billion dollars to work with, I’d probably do what his family are doing– he earned his money. and they’re spending it on him, hoping for a miracle.
    p.s.- “inchoate” (There. I’ve used it too)

    • Siara, that happens. Not just to MS. If there is nothing more that can be done for the patient in ICU then yes, they are moved out. ICU is not for watching and waiting. Private facilities and home are.

  12. @Mimi..*If* what you claim you read is true, perhaps waiting for confirmation from his publicist might be something to consider rather than taking it as fact? Its perplexing as to why you have felt the need in previous posts to be so condescending and caustically rude to other commenters who have tried to be optimistic about Michael’s recovery. Take your attack on Ana, who wrote a heartfelt post and was met with this reply from you:

    Ana, I think you should stay home because you haven’t grown up yet. I don’t know if you know MS or not but if you don’t it sounds to me like you have a celebrity crush and that’s not healthy. You care deeply???? We all care just not sure how deeply. Certainly not to the point of making myself physically sick which it sounds like you are doing.
    C’mon kiddo….this too shall pass!!! Life will go on…


    March 28, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    It is not up to you to dictate how people should feel, nor do you need to be self righteous and demeaning. If a cold, callous approach to this situation is your way of expressing yourself, please do not expect others to lower themselves to that level of insensitivity. In previous posts you have gleefully stated that its over for Michael, and whatever the outcome may be..your need to be ‘right’ certainly has less to do with the Michael’s situation and far more to do with projecting your own mean spiritedness. Your previous comments to me were childish and patronizing but perhaps that is the only way you can express yourself. Maybe you should spend less time predicting the outcome for Michael and more time asking yourself why you have such an ugly attitude.

    • If facing facts and reality, Bruta is an ugly attitude I guess you can say I’m guilty.
      I would like nothing more than to see this man recover. Only problem is I don’t believe in miracles. I’ve wished for too many…..and I don’t live in a fantasy world.
      I’ve seen too many movies, read too many books to expect a different out come. I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble. You are free to believe and hope for whatever it is you believe and hope for as am I.
      The only person here I may have criticized is Ana because her feelings made no sense to me. It was rather childish. If she were a family member that may have explained it but who knows.
      I allow you and everyone else to have their opinion and I try very hard, as hard as it is, to respect that opinion. I think you should do the same for me, Bruta. Now run along…..

  13. I read this morning that Mrs. Schumacher is going to build a 10 million dollar medical facility at their home in Geneva. Obviously, he will be transferred soon to their home to be cared for around the clock by the best money can buy. It sounds to me like the family has faced the fact that MS is not going to wake up any time soon or perhaps never.

    • Well well, here we have the beacon of light returning with more visions of her psychic abilities! Care to post a link for this ‘news’? I have never seen someone so eager for this man to not wake up..shameful and oh so self righteous..since you do not speak for the family or have any idea what the truth of the matter is, perhaps you should stop commenting as if you do.

      • Hey, Bella I think I’ll call you Bruta. It fits you better. If you want a link for the “news”, Bruta do the research like I did.
        I don’t claim to have visions of psychic abilities whatever they may be and I certainly am not eager for this man to not wake up. Shame on you for even thinking that. But one think may be for sure….you don’t want to play hardball with me, Bruta!

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  15. For a wise old philosopher you surprise me. Because while the question you ask is interesting, its answer brings absolutely no light on the question you’re really asking.

    The question you in fact ask is the following: are the treating physician and a totally uninvolved but knowledgeable blogger held to different legal, moral and/or ethical standard (fill in the blank, it doesn’t matter) concerning release of information about a patient’s medical condition. Let’s for the sake of argument assume that the uninvolved but knowledgeable blogger actually isn’t revealing any information about the patient’s actual medical condition, but rather addressing the range of possible scenarios and their implications. Let’s make it even a bit more realistic and say that the blogger takes great pains to qualify the general nature of his content, differentiating it from “updates” and “status bulletins” or some such.

    Viewed like that, the question is so trite as to be unworthy of your (pre-hemlock) mind. Of course. The one is held to the standard of the patient doctor relation. Absolutely sacrosanct with the rare exceptions of danger to the public wellbeing, etc. The other? To the standards of truthfulness and I suppose something like non-malfeasence. So that’s not REALLY what you’re asking. If i was writing my stuff in the NY Times as an op-ed, you’d essentially be asking if I had a constitutional right to free speech. Ahem.

    So what are you really asking? I have a inchoate (oh God that’s the first time I’ve EVER used that word!!! Please beam down on me from up there Ms. Dahlberg!) feeling about it, and I also think you might deserve a response. So tell me what you want to know, and we’ll talk.

    • Whatever you say on Twitter or WP … the media will twist it around, and misconstrue it to suit their own agenda.

      You can’t win. Maybe this is why the Schumacher “entourage” are so reticent to release info? The media would twist it around!


      If i was writing my stuff in the NY Times as an op-ed, you’d essentially be asking if I had a constitutional right to free speech. Ahem.

      Which is really amazing, b/c as far as I know, Darren isn’t even Schumacher fan.

      So what are you really asking?…So tell me what you want to know, and we’ll talk.

      You’re far more patient than I could be in the face of a similar lack of solidarity and questioning of your human right to responsibly speak your mind w/o causing harm to anyone.

  16. Hello, Gary

    Thank you for taking the time to make sense of what is happening …. the majority of us don’t have a clue … and the silence only makes matters worse!

    99% of the mainstream media don’t care for truth, accuracy, or ethics … they only care for website HITS and money.

    Whatever you say on Twitter or WP … the media will twist it around, and misconstrue it to suit their own agenda.

    You can’t win. Maybe this is why the Schumacher “entourage” are so reticent to release info? The media would twist it around!

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