You guys are pretty amazing

Wow – if I was amazed before at your comments, I’m totally staggered by all the feedback from the previous post. I’m staggered by the depth of your thought and reflection, by your eloquence, and by your willingness to sit down and join the conversation.

You’ve made me realise I was certainly too strong in my criticism of the current comms policy. You’ve probably noticed this is a bit of a character trait! I’m exquisitely sensitive to the unimaginable situation Michael’s family and friends are in, and if I could think of how giving us SOME information would make their lives in any way worse, I would reverse position immediately.

I do feel strongly that there’s an implicit contract, whose terms are negotiated in real time, between celebrities and their public. Paparazzi can take and publish pictures of celebrities during “private” moments that they can’t take of any of us. That’s been established as a legal principle. The line they and others either respect or step over is also defined in real time, by judges, juries, and by societal mores. But it seems a bit one-sided to want the benefits of celebrity yet retain all the perquisites of a full private citizen outside of, say, the circuit. Once again, I don’t mean this to say that all discretion, all privacy, are sacrificed to the altar of the public’s obsession to “know”, but simply that there’s a line, a very squiggly changing line, that needs to be plotted.

Once again, thanks so much for taking the time to write. I’ve learned so much, and been forced to think so much, from your input. That’s exciting and sobering, and is an immense privilege.

Frank – you’re gone coz no matter how strongly you feel about anything, this isn’t the place for vitriol. Tone it down, and read these comments before writing – smart, well thought out, passionate. You can call ME whatever you want; I’ve heard it before and will certainly hear it again. But don’t even THINK about insulting my readers.

98 thoughts on “You guys are pretty amazing

  1. I’m new to this site having just discovered it. A truly interesting read albeit due to sad circumstances. I have no opinion on the PR side of things but I wanted to ask another question. In his blog from shortly after the accident Dr Hartstein said that Michael would still be in ICU as a transfer to a normal room would have been sufficiently newsworthy to be announced. I have heard no such news since then, and not to delve into whether or not the family should or would release such news, does Dr Hartstein have an opinion on that? Could Michael still be in ICU? I wonder what happens with the medical bills. I am not familiar with the French system and what happens if you are a tourist vs (temporary?) resident (chalet in meribel etc), and you’re going off piste… It can’t be a matter of “can you afford to pay your own medical bills”, so what happens in this case? Does anyone know this? Wishing Michael all the best,

    • I think I can maybe help as I have had experience of such arrangements. I may be wrong, but this is likely to be classed as an ’emergency’ and therefore Michael as either a German national or a Swiss resident would qualify for the reciprocal arrangements that exist between all EU countries, with additional non EU countries, Switzerland being one, signed up too. I had a heart attack in Lugano, Switzerland … my medical bills were kindly paid by the NHS in England, apart from my meals and newspapers. This was 8 years ago, I was in the hospital 3 nights and the bill was £8000!!
      Another option would be Medical Insurance/Travel Insurance both of which Michael more than likely had the best available. But given that Michael’s fortune is conservitavely estimated at £400 million I suspect money is the last thing on the hospital accountant’s mind right at the moment.

      • Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about your heart troubles but luckily 8 years on all is well (I hope)

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