An incredibly important piece to read

An incredibly important piece to read

David Brooks is a rather conservative columnist, but he usually stays away from politics per se. He is one of the most brilliant men around – and this is proof of that. For everyone who is following Michael’s story, whether you’re deeply involved and suffering along with Corinna and Michael’s loved ones, or more removed from the tragedy, this column helps clarify the deeply human side of how we handle the suffering of others. Please find the time to read this. I have no doubt everyone who does will finish it just a slightly better and fuller person. Yes, it’s that important.

In the absence of any news from Grenoble, I’ll blog soon about some of the terminology that people are going to start throwing about at some point in the not distant future, and some of the possible outcomes we can expect.

Meanwhile, I hope you love this piece as much as I did.

5 thoughts on “An incredibly important piece to read

  1. Just a thought re treatment for Michael Schumacher. His doctors could try giving him cord blood derived stem cells (MSCs) via IV infusion. These cells can rapidly reduce inflammation and also repair tissues. If he has large haematomas in a few areas of the brian this is not good news for recovery, but the stem cell therapies could significantly improve his status. Is it risky – yes – becasue this has not been done before in a comatosed patient, but the improvements in CP and autsitic children and spinal injury patients lend some weight to this “idea”. Basically if this there is no option but to turn off the machines at least try the MSCs. They just might work. Issue is how does one suggest such things to the doctors involved? And would they be open to such a revolutionary idea? Surely a French doctor would…… I hope.

  2. Wonderful article. Why is it that when Brooks writes something political you see it everywhere while an article like this which transcends all of that gets buried?

    Thanks for this – I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

  3. A powerful piece. I think/fear though what will make it even worse for Michael’s family is A. The pressure for news, information and worst, photos that the cult of super-celebrity brings both directly and indirectly and B. the lingering sense of injustice that I think even we as just the concerned public feel most since the accident happened and that is ‘how could this tragedy have happened, and so soon after he retired, to Michael after he got through the past 20 years unscathed’. In my 50 years as a F1 fan I think I can remember no sadder episode than this.

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