John Button

One of my favourite people in Formula 1 has left us.

John Button was a man who got so many things right. 

John raised a son who has kept his head firmly on his shoulders despite the mega-stardom that his career has brought. I remember checking in at the Suzuka Circuit hotel next to John and Jenson. John insisted there be an iron in Jenson’s room. I was a bit surprised, and John saw the quizzical look on my face. “He irons his own shirts man, and he always will”, he told me. Jenson just smiled. It’s not easy to raise a talented child, and even harder to raise him or her balanced and healthy and good. John made that look easy.

Rather than try to (micro)manage Jenson’s career, John stepped back, and clearly spent the last bunch of years pinching himself. He thoroughly loved the life that Jenson’s success brought him, but never took it as HIS success. He was humble, full of joy, and a true bon vivant.

John, I’m gonna miss you . . . a lot. I treasure having met you and spent time with you. Jenson, my deepest condolences to you and everyone you love, and to everyone who loves John. Remembering our talks, time we spent at the bar in Sao Paulo, and other lovely moments, will keep John present for me.

Bye John. God speed.

9 thoughts on “John Button

  1. I never had the pleasure of meeting John, but he always came across during interviews as someone I’d like to have been able to spend time with, preferably with a glass or two of end wine. Having lost my mum at an early age, my heart goes out to the Button family

  2. Dear Gary,

    I just opened your mail and tears are rolling down my cheeks while I am answering.

    I met John in Monaco, many times away from F1 and of course at uncounted races, in hotel elevators or lounges or just in the paddock.

    He was always so full of joy and good humor. I cant believe he’s gone. Our last chat was at the hotel in Austin. My god I am so sad.

    If you have an address for Jenson please let him know how much I loved his dad, that I will never forget him and tell him that I know how it feels to loose

    a father who is at the same time a hero. RIP John Button.

    Thomas M Kann


  3. Nice words Gary. John Button came across exactly as you so eloquently describe him to all of us who only glimpsed into his life from the TV. My sincere condolences to Jenson & family/friends also. I lost my own dad last year and he was just as close & as big a part of my life so I know just how hard a blow this deals.

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