Now THIS is interesting

Now THIS is interesting

Just been sent this link to an article in today’s Telegraph. It concerns a letter sent by the RAC to the FIA back in July.

In it, the RAC poses some important and unsettling questions about the lack of financial transparency of the FIA. Among other things, it specifically points out Jean Todt’s “Personnel expenses of €6.1m and €8.3m for travel, missions and conferences.” I’ve already mentioned that most if not all of the President’s travel is by private jet (among other things, we were issued with team itineraries for races with flights for all team members, including the president, when he attended a race). Presumably so is that of the “ambassadors” for the Action for Road Safety. If this program has one concrete achievement, it’s certainly that of allowing the participants to see the world comfortably.

In an era of economic crisis, when we on the inside were subject to constant cost pressures, it is reassuring to see a major ASN questioning the old club style of governance, potentially playing fast and loose with members’ money.

That said, almost more important than the issue it raises (which also forms a key part of David Ward’s manifesto) is that this letter indicates a crumbling of Todt’s internal support structure. Remember, Graham Stoker (UK RAC and MSA) is one of Todt’s Deputy Presidents and a key member of his slate. Certainly this letter would not have been sent without Mr. Stoker’s approval. When we see the rumors of a possible opposition candidacy from another key member of the slate, I think it safe to say that Mr. Todt might do well to begin to do some post-presidential career planning. 

For info, the dates for the introduction of candidates are from 26/10 to 15/11.

2 thoughts on “Now THIS is interesting

  1. How is it possible to spend virtually 14.5m€ on travel and personal expenses! did he buy the bloody Gulfstream? Perhaps the FIA are taking guidance from the EU budgetary committee ……

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